Dog Handlers

Our dog handlers are highly trained (in line with British Standards 8517-1), SIA Licensed, qualified by NASDU, NTIPDU & BIPDT, and insured. Our patrol dog teams provide an excellent visual deterrent to anyone intending to vandalise your site. This makes them think twice about entering your property.

Our dog teams operate in line with the Guard Dogs Act 1975 and The Dangerous Dog Act 1991 which allows us to use dogs to guard your property provided that the dog is under control at all times and that appropriate warning signs are up at site entrances. All our guard dogs are trained to a high standard and are routinely assessed to ensure that these standards are maintained and they are safe and effective to be deployed operationally. All our handlers are uniformed whilst on site and have marked vehicles.

In this area of expertise we also provide animal control for evictions and warrants. When there is a dog is present at the property the these will not take place unless there is a dog handler to ensure the dog’s welfare and safety of the bailiffs/warrant officers.

Why pick a security dog team over a static guard?

  • Due to a dogs heightened senses they are able to detect hidden intruders from 300m.
  • The dog and handler offer a huge deterrent in comparison to a single static guard. It is known widely across the security industry that one dog team can provide the same or even more than to the level of security of 3 static guards, making a dog team highly cost effective.
  • A dog lowers the risk to human life as although the dog is rarely engaged by an intruder, it has the capability to protect it self and their handler.

Here at Stok K9 Security Services, we pride ourselves on aiming to raise industry standards. Although based in Slough, we cover most of the UK and we have a solid team in place to ensure we can fulfil even the most demanding enquiry.

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